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Washing machine worked nice and fast, the dryer as well. Dude was cleaning the whole time, and was super nice.... View More Reviews

Brian Wilson Avatar
Brian Wilson

Always clean, always able to park, friendly management and staff. The app is so handy, don't have to worry about... View More Reviews

Dorothy Paradis Avatar
Dorothy Paradis

I’d been using a laundromat that was kinda far from where I live because I knew it to be clean,... View More Reviews

Wild Enemy Avatar
Wild Enemy

Not only is this a very clean laundromat, very up-to-date (said from the person who has not been to one... View More Reviews

Faith Chenoweth Avatar
Faith Chenoweth

Sign says "Squeaky Clean" over the door but this us so neat and organized! You can pick your washers and... View More Reviews

Haley Avatar

The facilities are spotless and well maintained! Payment is more updated than at many major businesses! The on-site worker was... View More Reviews

Rebecca Way Avatar
Rebecca Way

Lots of machines. You may use cell phones to pay for the machines used, and it was very busy when... View More Reviews

Hope Greer Avatar
Hope Greer

I have a washer and dryer at home but they are broken and our laundry got way too backed up.

View More Reviews

Doula Bruja Avatar
Doula Bruja

Clean laundromat with new machines that wash/dry loads of varying sizes. You can use a credit card to pay. Small... View More Reviews

Shelby McNeill Avatar
Shelby McNeill

One of the best laundry mats in nashville. Clean, machinery works, can pay with Apple Pay or cash. Wonderful experience.... View More Reviews

HeartBreak Cherry Avatar
HeartBreak Cherry

One of the best laundry mats in nashville. Clean, machinery works, can pay with Apple Pay or cash. Wonderful experience.... View More Reviews

Michael Cherry Avatar
Michael Cherry

The last time I used this facility they had old machines. They've put in all new machines and I was... View More Reviews

Shandra Lewis Avatar
Shandra Lewis

Love this place, store owners a cool guy met him several times. Very clean, bright and next to a great... View More Reviews

Erin K. Avatar
Erin K.

Nice machines, very clean. My new favorite laundromat.

Tiffany Grant Avatar
Tiffany Grant

It was nice and clean. I am so happy I find this place. Clean Clean Clean.

Yogi the truth Avatar
Yogi the truth

I grew up in this neighborhood and even though the hood had changed the laundry mat has upgraded to new... View More Reviews

Tre Money Avatar
Tre Money

Clean and bright, has comfortable seating. The bathroom was CLEAN! ? machines are all new and worked great. Not expensive... View More Reviews

Jesse Young Avatar
Jesse Young

Newer machines and cheap to wash. The place was clean. (Please put hand soap in bathroom) I will start coming... View More Reviews

pLj Avatar

Very nice place....I got off at like 5am and had to be back in Nashville for a doctor appointment by... View More Reviews

Erica Mauricio Avatar
Erica Mauricio

This laundromat is nice. Clean and Up to date *touch machines. The prices are better than other places. $4 for... View More Reviews

Olive D above Avatar
Olive D above

owner was very helpful. nice that it doesnt require coins

carsön Wessel Avatar
carsön Wessel

Its freshly renovated... Takes cash, and card {if it's working}.. and has an app you can get which is pretty legit

Kel “Kapowski” Lee Avatar
Kel “Kapowski” Lee

Everything is brand new in this place 100% new machines new facilities new bathroom very very nice place and it’s... View More Reviews

Mike Terry Avatar
Mike Terry

After a year of remodeling, Squeaky Clean is now open! All new state of the art equipment, cleans at lighting... View More Reviews


Nice little laundry matt. Reasonabley priced. The man who runs it is really cool.

P0lly Willis Avatar
P0lly Willis

Clean and plenty of available machines. Large front loaders are extremely expensive.

Nancy Emme Avatar
Nancy Emme

Five stars for the art on the walls. Orange Citrus cat ftw.

lamblyn Avatar


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